Paper Sizes

This guide shows the Australian Standard of paper sizes. An ‘A0’ sheet is also referred to a ‘Flat Sheet’.

Australia paper size chart
A0: 841 × 1189
A1: 594 × 841
A2: 420 × 594
A3: 297 × 420
A4: 210 × 297
A5: 148 × 210
A6: 105 × 148
A7: 74 × 105
DL: 210 x 99

Envelope Sizes

This guide shows the Australian Standard of envelopes.

Australia paper envelope size chart
B4: 353 x 250
C4: 324 x 229
C5: 229 x 162
5 x 7: 180 x 130
150 Square: 160 x 160
DLX: 235 × 120
DL: 220 × 110
C6: 162 × 114
C7: 114 x 81

Setting up Acrobat DC for Pre Press

The golden rule to check if your artwork is print ready is to use Acrobat PC. Acrobat DC is a professional program that comes apart of the Adobe suite.
If you do not have acrobat pro, chances are you cannot supply artwork print ready.
The following video will show you how to setup Acrobat quick tools - for most common tasks
See video:

The following video will show you how to setup Acrobat for more thorough pre press tasks .
See video:

Converting a CMYK image to PMS

If your design has a full colour bitmap image, but you need to print Pantone colours, you need to convert the RGB / CMYK image so you can assign a pantone colour. This is how to do it:

Convert CMYK image to Pantone
  1. In Photoshop, convert the image to greyscale (image / mode / greyscale). When Prompted, discard.
  2. Save as PSD.
  3. In InDesign, select the pantone colour you will be printing with.
    If you have not yet selected the PMS colour you can access by:
    a, in swatches panel , click "new swatch")
    b, double click the new swatch
    c, colour mode - select "PANTONE + SOLID UNCOATED"
    d, select swatch and click "OK".
  4. Place the PSD image in to the artboard (Ctrl + D).
  5. Choose the DIRECT selection tool, then select the greyscale image.
  6. Whilst the image is selected, select the chosen PMS colour.
  7. Dont forget to Check the Output Preview in Acrobat Pro to ensure file is print ready.

Converting a CMYK image to PMS WITH TRANSPARENCY

If your design has a bitmap image and you want to place it over a printed panel without showing the white background, this is how to do it:

Convert CMYK image to Pantone with Transparency
  1. In Photoshop, create a new layer.
  2. Rename the current layer from "Background" to anything else - this unlocks the layer.
  3. Add a new layer under it - this should be transparent.
  4. The layer you renamed, remove the white / or area you want transparent).
  5. Follow above steps 2 through 7.

How to setup and supply a file for variable printing

Say you have a product that requires a different name on each item. This requires variable (digital) printing or overprinting. This can be done in two different methods

  1. Design + .CSV:
    Supply the design, supply one page that shows the variable text in the correct font, size and position (keep in mind what the 'longest name' is and how it will look) + supply a .CSV file with all the variable data. Kepp in mind that one name should be per row in a single column. Artwork correction fee may be applicable
  2. PDF Print ready:
    Supply the design as a PDF print ready (cropmarks / bleed etc) with one page per name.
    IF you have been quoted 'OVERPRINT' , then only the variable data should be seen (no other printed artwork). This is common for plastic cards etc where the main product is offset printed (shell cards) then the variable names are dgitally printed over the top

Data Merge in InDesign

Indesign: Data Merge - for Digital Variable printing
If you are creating an individually customisable printed flyer or postcard, these instructions will get you on your way.

Data Merge in InDesign
  1. In excel, make sure you have a title at the top of the column
  2. save as .csv
  3. Open InDesign
  4. Have text fields where you want to have the data,
  5. Format text ,then make sure field is empty
  6. Window / utilities / data merge
  7. Open panel menu
  8. indesign data merge 1
  9. Select data source
  10. Select the label you want to bring in
  11. Drag the label to the text field
  12. In data merge window - Click preview to view
  13. Click the right and left arrows to go through the different entries - check to ensure all fill within your text frame.
  14. indesign data merge 2
  15. Save file when satisfied
  16. Click ''create merged document'' - This will create a new document  with all the entries placed in new pages.
  17. indesign data merge 3
  18. Save new file, name something like " - merged"

Installing Email Signature in Outlook

You have great looking email stationery, how to install it?
Please note these instructions are made for versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Install Email signature in Outlook
  1. Open the supplied email, select and copy all the details (Ctrl + C to copy)

    email signature
  2. In Outlook: File / Options / Mail / the click "Signatures" button

    email signature
  3. In "Signatures & Stationery" window (Email signature tab):
    1. Select Email account
    2. Click "New" button
    3. Enter name for signature
    4. Assign signature to "New messages"
    5. Assign signate to "Replies/forwards"

    email signature
  4. Paste the copied signature, (from step 1). (Ctrl + V to paste) into the space below
  5. Click" OK" button

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