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Changing From POP3 email to MS Exchange / email accounts
pop3 email exchange

POP3 email > Miscosoft Exchange
NOTE: by updating the DNS records to point your domain to MS exchange emails, All other existing POP3 email accounts (managed through your website host) will cease to work. This means:
  1. If you want a separate email account, you have to purchase a separate exchange account ($4 per user per month)
  2. If you only want one exchange account, you can assign up to 5 different 'other' Email address. These email addresses are funnelled shared by the same account ie
    "" is the primary account, "" is a 'other' email address. Email sent to "" are received by "". It works simular to email forwarders.


Backup your email, contacts and calandar
It is highly recommended to back up your account regularly. It is also a necessary step if you wish to change / upgrade to a Microsoft Exchange hosted email.
  1. in MS Outlook, clean your emails:
    1. Remove any sent email, inbox email that you no longer need
    2. Check and delete "junk emails" folder,
    3. Select and delete "deleted items" )
  2. Create back up of your emails / contacts / Calendar:
    1. Go to: File / Open / import
    2. Select "export to a file"
    3. Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)"
    4. Select the mail box (make sure the arrow is pointing right, so the hierarchy of sub folders is closed)
    5. Ensure "Include subfolders" is ticked
    6. Choose a suitable place to sae the .pst file too (and one you will remember)
    7. Name accordingly (ie business name backup 20170101)
    8. ensure "Replace duplicates with items exported" is ticked
    9. Click finish

    Backup your email, contacts and calandar

Setup Microsoft Exchange in Outlook / email accounts

Setup Email addresses with MS Outlook - Exchange
To setup your new Exchange powered email address:
  1. click file / info section / Then click "New Account" button.

    setup Outlook
  2. Enter your name, email address and Password, then click NEXT
  3. You will need to restart Outlook. When it reloads, ensure to tick "save password"

Setup POP3 Email accounts Outlook

Setup POP3 Email addresses with MS Outlook
To setup your new Exchange powered email address:
  1. click file / info section / Then click "New Account" button.

    setup Outlook
  2. Select "Manually configure server settingsor additional server types" , then click Next
  3. Select "Internet E-mail", then click next

    setup Outlook
    Enter the following:
    1. your name,
    2. your email address
    4. -- This may need to change to your ISP ie:
    5. your EMAIL address
    6. password
  4. Click test account settings
  5. If you get an error messsage:
    1. click "More Settings" button (7),
    2. outgoing server tab
    3. tick "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
    4. click ok, then Click test account settings again

Setup POP3 Troubleshooting Outlook

POP3 Email troubleshooting
  1. Your outgoing mail server MAY need to change depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) .. For example, on your Laptop at home you might use, but when you go out, you might be using
  2. Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication". May need to be ticked or unticked depending on your ISP

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