Print Promotion have specialised in business cards since 2009. It is important to remember every card type sends a message.
We provide a free consultation to ensure your design works with a card type and positivly reflects your business.
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The following selection is a short list that we offer; our best selling card types.
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After something a little more special? We've got you covered.
We offer over 80 different metal, timber and plastic options to be able to craft your next level card.
The above selection is only a short list of what we offer.. click the below to view the full range of quality card types.
Laminated card range Uncoated card range Plastic & Metal card range Quick turnaround card range
Print Promotion supply the best quality printing, small form signage and promotional goods Australia wide.
Based in Brisbane, we use factories Australia to provide the quickest production and delivery times, whilst ensuring the best quality and service.
We believe in supporting local business, however, if your local printer cannot assist with the quality, or finishing options you require, call or email us to see what sets us apart. See our Quality Printing Range and our Quality Stubby Coolers

Best Business Cards Perth. Best Business Cards Perth. Stand out and make a quality first impression with your business cards. A professional looking business card is your best portable marketing tool. All our business cards are designed and printed using the latest printing technology. We offer the best selection of quality stock and printing types. Delivered free Australia wide. Print Promotion supply unique designs, based of your target demographic. Why not call us to see what we can do for you.

3 Key Factors To Consider For Best Business Cards | Best Business Cards Perth

Nothing says “I'm a professional” like a quality business cards. You'd be surprised at the number of business owners that promote a mixed marketing message. On One hand, they want to look like leaders of their field with a professional logo and website, yet they promote something completely different when hand out a ‘budget’ card.
When you hand someone your business card, you are presenting them an insight of who you are and what you do. If it's not memorable, or if it doesn't reflect the quality of your brand, it can be a lost opportunity.

There are numerous ways to make your business card stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways to get a leg up over your competitors:

#1 Professional Design

Your business cards is arguably the second most important part of your marketing strategy (after your logo). It is presented at the first point of contact with potential clients, and are an opportunity for your company to stand out from competitors.

Keep it simple.
The problem is many business cards are cluttered and hard to read. They blend in with the crowd and don’t convey the right message. While that might be OK if you're a local plumber or electrician, it's not going to assist your business get noticed when you're trying to sell on a national scale.
The simpler the design, the clearer your message. A logo, name and basic contact details is usually sufficient; anything more can confuse potential clients. Remember, the core gold of a business card is to promote your brand provide contact details.
Sometimes adding a ‘tag line’ is worthwhile, but the main goal is to drive more traffic to your website so they can find out more.
We are often supplied sample artwork that lists every service the business offer. Sometimes, this is essential, but consider what happens when you want to add a new service, or no longer provide one… And then compare this with how many cards you have already handed out..
It's a much better plan to make sure the website address is prominent, and cheaper in the long run to keep your website up to date rather than reprinting and redistributing cards.

Make it easy to read.
Make sure your logo stands out and that there is adequate space between lines so that the information is clearly legible. Don’t have the text too small – consider people with worse eyesight and the hassle it is to put on glasses just to read a business card.

Balance and Negative space.
Negative space as it's often called ‘white space’. Essentially it is the area of the layout that is left empty. It is usually around text and objects in the layout but can also be between and inside them. Professional Design that’s this into consideration and the general visual balance of the layout as a whole.

#2 The Right card for your business

Consider your marketing message. Just as every business is different, every card should be different. Some businesses should look like they belong in the top end of town, others should look like they are aimed at common folk. It’s really all about the ‘fish you want to catch’ and using the right bait.
Although researching other cards and designs is highly recommended, make sure your design is comparable to your other marketing collateral – or consider a rebrand.
Types of card:
Business cards can be broken down to 4 different types

  1. Laminated
  2. Uncoated
  3. Plastic
  4. Metal

It is vital to consider what message you are portraying to your target client. Plastic cards for example, will likely be frown upon to environmentally conscience people / groups. Like with many things in life, there is usually thing to consider, or make point of, if the recipient is unaware.. for example, some plastic cards are made of 100% recycled PVC, and can be re-recycled, where as a laminated card cannot be recycled (as there is lack of infrastructure so ends up in landfill)
Our position is that there is the perfect card type of different business sectors.

Plastic cards: are generally great for tradies, as they can be left in pockets, go through the wash, and still be fine. They wont easily fray or easily damage. Laminated card: the general ‘go to’ for most businesses. The laminate (or cellogalzing) is a transparent plastic film that protects the card. Whilst gloss was big in the 90s, ever since, matt has been most popular. Since 2010, ‘velvet’ matt laminate has also increased in popularity as it has a ‘suede like’ material to the touch.

Uncoated cards: These are generally reserved for businesses that want to promote a more ‘white collar’ or premium card. Although the price range of different uncoated stocks differs dramatically, each different uncoated stock option sings to businesses going for different segments of the market.
On one end you have 350 GSM Ecostar which is a great affordable 100% recycled card for environmentally conscience businesses.
On the other end you have 550 GSM Premium Cotton (the ‘Rolls Royce’ of stocks ) which is for leaders of their fields in business. Generally these are most suited to accountants, consultants, lawyers, architects, marketing and design studios etc.

Metal cards: when you are going for the 1%, hands down there is nothing that compares.
Just be mindful, given to the wrong person, they may think your services will be too expensive.

These are just the main cards we offer. We also offer real wood cards for example. We have a plethora of choice that suits most budgets.

#3 Traditional card – or NFC ‘Tap’ card

Around 2018, We started to see ‘NFC’ business cards enter the market. These were heavily marketed on social media displaying a video of a guy going up to an ‘influencer’, the influencer presented a card and tapped their details on to the guys phone and keeps the card.
Consider this. Most businesses looking for a service you provide, will be getting another 2-3 quotes. Sometimes the purchasing decision is made after a consultation, however, it is rare that these discussions are made on the spot. Usually it’s a process of going over the pros and cons of each provider and deciding on which supplier to engage with.
This process can be anything from a day to 6 months.
Although the process of saving contact details to a card is a great time saver for the recipient, this can be done by simply adding a ‘contact’ QR code to the design.

The downsides to NFC cards are:
  1. No convenient marketing collateral to leave with the potential client.
    Nothing comes close to a professional card that is seen, not only when it is presented, but stays with the client to remind them of you.
  2. You contact gets lost amongst all other contacts on your phone.
    Consider how many contacts you have on your phone, are you going to remember the persons name after a period of time?
  3. A specialised business card has a life. Countless times we have received feedback from clients that they have won additional jobs by handing out a card, that card has been passed on to someone else. This is relatively common as people meeting associates or friends for coffee discuss ‘what’s been happening’ - it can lead to ‘That sounds good, I need that service’. Although this can also be done by ‘sharing a phone contact’ – it still falls back to the above point.
  4. Who are we?
    Print Promotion is a division of Arcane Media based in Brisbane, Queensland. We are a premium design and printing consultancy that specialises in creating or enhancing your visual corporate image. Our skilled team of seasoned graphic designers have the experience and marketing insight to ensure your image will effectively relate to your target demographic. We have an Australia-wide client base, servicing: hospitality and tourism; professional services; construction and trade; media; mining; recruitment; automotive; defence and the health business sectors.
    Contact us today to discuss your next design or print project.

    Call 1300 669 211


Why spend more on Business cards if I can get them cheaper?

Cards can either be thrown in the bin after a day, or kept for years. If you create something exquisite, not only does is positively reflect on your businesses values, but there is more chance of the card having a life.. being passed on from client to clients associate.

How thick are our business cards?

Our range of quality business cards are professionally offset printed on a range of stock. This stock ranges from 350gsm to 700gsm.
See other tab for full range of thickness and specifications.

What is cards GSM?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. Usually this relates to card thickness, however this comes down to the card stock density. For example, it is possible to have 450gsm card being thicker than a 600 GSM card. As there is some misconception regarding this, we use a micrometer on all of our products to be able to advise the thickness in millimeters.

How will my artwork look when printed with raised Foil or Raised UV?

It is important to understand that the 'raised' process expands as it grows in height. It does not have the same 'resolution' as Spot UV or foil stamping. Due to this the minimum artwork thickness is between 0.25mm - 0.9mm. The gap in-between artwork is also 0.25mm to 0.9mm. Raised (UV or foil) cards are only recommended for certain artworks.
Spot UV or Foil stamping are generally better alternatives..
The reason we have been in business so long is we have specialised in business cards with print finishing. We provide free consultation to go over your artwork to advise and give our recommendations. We advise of what works and what does not before you make a purchasing commitment.

Where can I view cards?

Gasworks Plaza - Lobby 1 / Level 2, 6 Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD 4006.
We have a compreshenive sample book available at reception that contains an array of card types, stocks and other premium printing.
Please note consultation is by appointment only.
We also post complimentary sample packs

What does your business card consultation include?

Other than the best selection of business cards in Australia, we also offer a complimentary 45 minute consultation via phone.
All we require is sample artwork - or even just your logo. Based on this, we direct you through our website, showing images and options to paint a picture of how your card will turn out. It is a proven process (12+ years) that quickly allows us to narrow the selection down based on marketing insight, budget and delivery deadline.
Once the product(s) have been shortlisted, we can post you complimentary samples.

Prefer to meet in person? We generally only provided face-to-face consultation for larger projects. This is because phone availability is more in abundance than boardroom time... Our advising consultants are out and about more than sitting around the office.

What size options are available for business cards?

Our standard size fr business cards business cards range between 89 x 54mm through to 90 x 55mm. We can make the cards any size within 90 x 55mm.

Do you offer rounded corners?

Yes, we offer rounded corners on all of out card types. We also offer an awesome range of diecut shapes.

Can we add additional print finishing such as Foil or Embossing to a chosen product?

Yes. If you require a specific card with multiple print finishing options, please get in contact and we will happily advise of the options and provide quick pricing over the phone or via email. It is always best if you can provide sample artwork.

Do you have artwork requirements?

Yes. Hands down, if you want quality, it starts with quality artwork. Many people do not consider how colour on screen translates to ink on paper. Rich Black is the perfect example. Using too much CMY with K can cause a muddy brown result. This is because there is simply too much ink going onto the card. The different card products we offer use different CMYK values to create the best rich black for the specific card.

Print finishing artwork need to be ‘vector’ / editable. This is because elements need to be modified to ensure a great result. In the instance of foil stamping or embossing, a metal block needs to me made. It is impossible to do this from pixel based artwork. Please do not send PNG or JPG files. These type of file formats are pixel based and not editable. Further details are provided in the ‘artwork’ tab.

How do I supply artwork?

Each product page will outline specifications, instructions and templates. If you have any issues, please call us on 1300 669 211 for speedy assistance.

Do you do contactless 'Tap' Cards?

There has been a lot of hoo-haa about RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and NFC cards (Near-field communication) where you purchase a single card and tap to a a person you meets phone. Your contact details are saved on their phone. Great in theory, not so great in practice. Essentially this means you are just lost in the mix of A L L of the other contacts in their phone.
How many contacts do you have in your phone? Do you have a photographic memory?
Consider that your potential client is getting a minimum of two quotes for a product / service they need. Also, it is common they will likely not engage within 4 days... Your details are lost in the mix. And what sets you apart from them? …
It all comes down to a consistent message with your marketing… quality trust worthy service – or other.
We create sustainable solutions in the respect that a niche card not only is not likely thrown in the bin after a day, but we have many reports from return customers that have had a card pass from lead 》client 》lead's friend etc

Why choose Print Promotion over others?

The reason we have been in business so long is we have specialised in business cards with print finishing. We provide free consultation to go over your artwork to advise and give our recommendations. We advise of what works and what does not before you make a purchasing commitment.
We offer over 50 different options for business cards, this is because there is a 'right card for your individual business'.
Our goal is to provide you great service and products giving you a reason to think of us for your next print job. We'd love the opportunity for you to join our many happy return customers.


Are you shopping on price or quality and service? We may not the cheapest, but you will be hard pressed getting a better experience… and end result.
We pride ourselves by striving to offer the best value service, this comes down to:

  1. Consultation: Either by phone or email, we ensure that you are selecting the best product based on your artwork and your business. Sometimes a rethink is required and we are happy to assist in offering alternatives. Some businesses benefit by using recycled stocks, others by using sustainable plastics.
  2. Present Options: Based on the consultation, we offer the best options to achieve the best end result based on your deadline and budget.
  3. Pre Press: We check and ensure your artwork will turn out as a great finished product.
  4. Proof Email: We send a PDF proof via email for you to check artworks and specs. This need to be replied with your approval (or requested changes) and your delivery address.
  5. Production: We use state of the art printing presses in factories in Brisbane | Perth | Melbourne | Perth | Cairns | Gold Coast | Ringwood.
  6. Quality Control: All goods are checked before packaging.
  7. Freight: Over the years we have used various postal and courier services. We have learned that If this stage is not up to scratch, the whole job can be let down. This is why we have partnered will TOLL – offering excellent, consistent road and Air freight options.
    Some of the factories will use other couriers depending on the job and delivery post code..

We offer the largest range of standard and specialised stock and finishing. We offer the convenience of being an ‘all in one’ quality design & printer shop.
This being said, we work with many graphic design studios and marketing agencies.
We are trusted as many designers are not experienced with creating artwork for finishing that will ensure a quality final product.
We are happy to share our knowledge to assist how to achieve the best result.
Our Finishing services are available on almost every product:

  • Foil Stamping (15 + colours to choose)
  • Embossing (leaves indentation on back)
  • Debossing (pushes in only one side )
  • Spot UV (transparent gloss over matt laminate)
  • Raised UV (similar to Spot UV , but raised around 0.3mm)
  • Die cutting (Custom shaped or internal gaps)

We have been operating since 2009 – our ultimate goal is to give you the best experience and improve your business image. Call us now on 1300 669 211 to see why clients say what they do. Experience the difference… the difference is experience.

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