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Beer Crawl - Australian Craft beer venue and microbrewery directory. Beer Crawl is an Australian Craft Beer directory with a focus on where you can go to find a venue that suits your needs.

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responsive web design html5 web design css3 web design brisbane

In 2016 The vision for the Digital Decals was born. We released the world’s first digital decals at Tapworks Chermside in October 2018… For the next two years we made significant improvements and added powerful features.. Crawl Media did not only have the vision to digitize decals… We set out to provide a product to engage and inform patrons.

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Discover the exuberant beauty of Bellydance, Oriental dance, Raqs Sharki - all names for the same ancient art form from the Middle East’s sands of time. An ancient style of dance that combines the joy of body, soul and spirit. It’s evolution has taken different forms depending on the country, region & culture. With differences both in costume and dance style..
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Balance Accountants - Our burgeoning team of professional, university trained accountants are able to provide complete accounting and taxation solutions for businesses of any field. We undertake continued professional development in sustaining up-to-date practices and methods, whilst meeting the stringent and ongoing requirements required in preserving Chartered Accountant status.
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Bushlands Tourist Park is rurally based and needed a method of showcasing its features to the masses. A large amount of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was put into this site, which resulted in a significant increase in visitors to the park. We also designed the logo and  provided printing, a virtual tour and photography.
Please note change of owners - new owener has different website developer -
this is a folio piece of previous work

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Exousia Plus - have over 40 years experience in leading and managing power infrastructure works. This experience ranges from construction of underground and overhead reticulation on Distribution Networks at 240V – 66kV through 132kV - 500kV Transmission Lines and Substations. This work has included hands on technical work, supervision, project management, technical lead on bids through to Operational and General Manager roles.
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Heatech Services, established in 2012 is a Brisbane based installation, maintenance and repair provider of commercial catering equipment. Heatech supplies its professional business services to cafes, hotels, chain stores and independent food outlets throughout the greater Brisbane region.
Objective: To develop a corporate rebrand to gain market place trust and website development. We also designed the corporate identity / logo & provided Transparent PVC cards, stationery and colour NCR Invocie Books.

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We are a multimedia design consultancy that specialises in designing and developing 3D animations for video productions and virtual tours. The company is based in Brisbane, Queensland, with an Australia wide client base. At Arcane Media, we aim to provide our clients with premium quality products.

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We are a boutique design studio servicing North Lakes and surrounding areas. We are a passionate few that breath design and challenge ourselves to get the maximum potential for your businesses image.

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responsive web design html5 web design css3 web design brisbane

A folio site to provide more insight into our logo design services and case studies.

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Custom website design coding Brisbane.

Different Types of Websites
Choosing how you want to update your website to work is an important step.

Content Management System _________________________
If you plan on making weekly updates, then a CMS (Content Management System) is recommended. This essentially means your website has a login allowing certain access to be able to add / remove content including pages, images and text. There are two categories of CMS:

  • WordPress: WordPress is a standard CMS. Basically Word Press is free, you just purchase a ‘template’. This CMS is a great if you want to create a blog or make a cheap website. Some problems with this option
    • It can be hard to be found on Search Engines such as Google
    • It can be costly for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • If not updating regularly, to remember / re learn how to update is frustrating
    • Potential security risks – especially with emails / contact forms
  • Customised: Depending on the requirements of the site, a customised CMS is a better solution. Every element can be more easily modified and the interface is more intuitive. This is superior option, which comes with a larger price tag.

Free website builders _________________________
There are more and more Free online website builders out there. Most marketed in Australia is WIX.
This is a good solution for a first website if you have zero budget and a lot of spare time.
Essentially, after you invest time building the site, you are confronted with many requirements that need additional expense. Sometimes these additional costs add up to quote a bit
Some of the issues are:

  • messy code (Google looks for ‘clean code’)
  • It can be hard to be found on Search Engines such as Google
  • very hard to add certain customisation
  • Potential security risks – especially with emails / contact forms

Custom website design coding North Lakes.

Print Promotion Websites
Our websites have responsive design and are professionally constructed for viewing across platforms. You can rest assured that your website will look great no matter what website browser your customer is using. We have created and optimised a work flow to provide excellent quality websites whist keeping our prices cheaper than similarly suited providers.

Here is a quick rundown on our standard process:

  • Needs Analysis: A need analysis session with client (in person / via form / or over the phone)
  • Proposal of project: A proposal is provided to the client outlining all components of the proposed site – with NO hidden costs.
  • Design Proposal: Design / layout of main components of website so the client has a good understanding of how the site will turn out
  • Template purchase: We purchase a template on behalf of your business best suited to the approved design / layout. This is a huge saving as many elements are pre premade
  • Custom coding: Custom coding of the site. Having the template is only a small component of the project. We hand code and optimise the site to make the best possible outcome for the client’s budget.
  • Domain and Hosting Setup: Call us to discuss.
  • Coming soon page: You have presence and contact details whilst your site is being built.
  • Staging Environment: Password protected access to review changes throughout the build process. Mush testing is performed in this stage including checking the site on various devises and browsers.
  • Live website: After the client approves the site on staging, the website is available to the world
  • Search Engine Submission: We submit your website so it can be found in the major browsers (Google / Bing / Yahoo etc)
  • Site Maps: We create and assign page and image sitemaps to Google.
  • Google Analytics: We setup a analytics account and provide you access you can see how your website is tracking.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: This is to get your website found by users in search Engines. Optional SEO packages are available.
  • Updates: We charge a modest $88 per hour for services including website development. Many times, a quick change is not charged for.

It should be noted that templates are not the ‘best’ method to create sites.. The best method is to clean hand code every single line. The benefits of this is there is no excess code or resources required to power unused elements. This being said, you pay A LOT more for it. Our general approach is to carefully optimise code based off the projects requirements.

Hand coded sites have superior security. In our experience, we have seen countless CMS sites being hacked and used to send spam mail. This can be detrimental to your business.
We feel prevention is better that a delayed cure.
With ever changing website standards, can you afford to be left behind?.

Who are we?
Print Promotion is a division of Arcane Media based in Brisbane, Queensland. We are a premium design and printing consultancy that specialises in creating or enhancing your visual corporate image. Our skilled team of seasoned graphic designers have the experience and marketing insight to ensure your image will effectively relate to your target demographic. We have an Australia-wide client base, servicing: hospitality and tourism; professional services; construction and trade; media; mining; recruitment; automotive; defence and the health business sectors.
Contact us today to discuss your next design or print project.

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