How will black print turn out and how to prepare for it it.. Black will turn out differnt on different stocks.
Essentially If you want the darkest of blacks, you need a GLOSS laminated card with correct CMYK to make 'rich black'.
The next best option is 'Premium' quality uncoated stocks (of which we have three choices)
Other stocks and options will vary the density of the back.

Laminated cards

rich black business card
Selection of Laminated cards

laminated rich black business card
450 gsm matt laminated with spot UV - Rich black print

laminated rich black business card
350 gsm matt laminated with spot UV - Rich black print

Uncoated Cards

Black will turn out differnt on differnt stocks. INFO SOON

debossed business card
Selection of Uncoated cards

rich black uncoated business card
680 gsm Black Suede - black coloured stock with black foil - no print

rich black uncoated business card
550 gsm Premium Cotton with black foil - Rich black print

rich black uncoated business card
350 gsm Textured with copper foil - Rich black print

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We offer first rate consultation to offer the right stock and the right finishing for your next upcoming job. The process is usually pretty quick once timeframe and budget is ascertained.
Further to this, we created this page to provide additional information regarding prepress – to ensure your artwork will turn out as intended. In addition, a comprehensive run down on all things print finishing – examples of how you can expect the product to turn out.

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