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Are Business Cards days numbered?

This depends on how you look at it. With some business sectors taking a shift to less personal interactions (e.g. video conferencing) the quantity of cards that are handed out is definitely on the decline. In the height of Covid restrictions, cards were not a good idea… but that was never going to last for ever. The human element is always stronger than a fad. Handshake, pass on card = conversation. It all comes down to a consistent message with your marketing… quality trust worthy service – or other.

Whether you are a marketing agency, design studio or business owner, we have the most comprehensive options to make the perfect business card.
We provide 15 years of experience in design, finishing and can advise you how to get the most out of your design and branding. Call us now to see why we are in a league of our own.
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Let's break down the different categories of cards

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Are electronic cards the future?

There has been a lot of hoo-haa about RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and NFC cards (Near-field communication) where you purchase a single card and tap to a a person you meets phone.
Your contact details are saved on their phone.

Great in theory, not so great in practice.
Essentially this means you are just lost in the mix of A L L of the other contacts in their phone.

How many contacts do you have in your phone? Do you have a photographic memory?
Consider that your potential client is getting a minimum of two quotes for a product / service they need. Also, it is common they will likely not engage within 4 days... Your details are lost in the mix. And what sets you apart from them? … It all comes down to a consistent message with your marketing… quality trust worthy service – or other.

We create sustainable solutions in the respect that a niche card not only is not likely thrown in the bin after a day, but we have many reports from return customers that have had a card pass from lead 》client 》lead's friend etc

Are you shopping on price or are you shopping on quality and service?

Business card printing services. Stand out from the crowd with the best business card ideas form our seasoned graphic designers. We may not be the cheapest, however at the little extra cost you get 15 years’ experience specialising in print finishing. We have many return customers and great reviews.
At Print Promotion we like to discuss your design to see if you have thought about additional techniques and how you can get maximum impact from your cards. Needless to say, we understand budget constraints and try to cater a solution which will favour well with your target audience. We are leaders in print finishing, offering an array of services including but not limited to: foil stamping | embossing | debossing | letterpress | scodex | 3D UV | raised UV | die cutting | laser die cutting.

Give us a bell on 1300 669 211 to experience the difference… the difference is experience.

Designing great quality business cards is only half the battle.

To ensure your design will print correctly, have you considered Prepress?
Prepress is essentially a check list to ensure you design will print correctly

  • Pantone or CMYK colour: Click here for info.
  • Ink density: using too much ink to make a colour can cause pooling and undesired results.
    For example, if you have an incorrect CMYK values for a black, it can turn out a muddy brown
  • Allowing for misalignment: although it is not as common as years past, it is always a good idea to
    consider how your design will look if trimming or print finishing is slightly misaligned.
    Many of these processes are done by hand and misalignment is sometimes unavoidable.
    This is typically an issue if you have a design with borders.
    There is always a work around, call us to find out more.
  • Text converted to outline: although uncommon, there are some versions of a font that vary.
    Ie, in between computers, a different version of a font has the same name. It may look the same, but has slight differences. It is always good practice to save artwork as a ‘print’ version with text converted to outlines.
  • Trapping: as above something most newer graphic designers on the scene might not know much about. Essentially this is more important if you are printing onto transparency and have a white screen-print layer with CMYK on top.

Print Finishing options

As you know, starting out a business is no easy task. With countless things to consider, some tasks hold more weight than others. If you have a network of clients that will give you a life of work, there isn’t much need to spend on your corporate image. However if you do rely on getting you name out there and developing relationships, your buisness image is extremely important.
Gone are the days where you just plonk contact information on a card… Standard business cards are likely to be thrown in the bin. A unique business card needs to be well though out not only from a design services perspective, but a marketing perspective. Print Promotion offers a large range of card stock and craft eye catching creative business cards. Don't get caught up in design templates, or online web design templates - you just look like another number in a bunch. People appreciate a good logo. People like a good design. People appreciate a quality business card

If you really want to get the job done right, thought needs to be put in. Who is your target market and what message a re you trying to portray? We often hear “Why would a plumber need a good card? Why not a cheap one? A cheap card is fine for certain applications, lower socio economic areas where you don’t care about business image etc. However for the middle to upper end of town, people want to be able to trust someone they are dealing with. Everything a business does sends a message. A specialised business card shows that you have attention to detail and sends the message you are more trustworthy.

Quality & service above all.
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