350 GSM Presentation Folders.

Scodix Presentation Folders. Raised UV presentation folder printing. Contact us for the best range of folders.

Print Promotion have specialised in Presentation Folders since 2009. We provide a free consultation to ensure your design works with a card type and positively reflects your business.
If you want the best possible outcome for Presentation Folders, you have come to the right place.

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General Details.
  • Experienced Print and Design Consultants
  • Quality Phone Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • 350 gsm artboard
  • Quality Offset printing
  • Matt Cello 1 or 2 sides
  • Optional Raised UV x 1 side
  • QUICK Production Time
  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

Rasied UV Presentation Folder - presentation folders and artwork.

How do you prevent your cards being throwing in the bin? Simple… Make it stand out, and get them to look closer!
Raised UV is a high gloss transparent film that sits on top of the velvel laminate. The fundamental difference between Raised UV and Spot UV is the height. Spot UV sits flat on top of matt laminate. Raised UV has the height of around 0.05 mm.
Raised UV goes under many names: verco, raised print, thermal print, scodix & digital embossing.

Our quality Presentation Folders are printed full colour and delivered FREE Australia wide.

Out of Budget? No worries!
See our   1,000 x QUALITY cards from $120 inc GST and delivery!
Product Details.
Minimum Quantity: 25 pcs
Stock: 350 GSM artboard | 0.4mm thick ≅
Size: See templates tab
Printing: cmyk CMYK full colour print.
Quality Digital printing.
  • Matt or gloss outside
  • Matt or gloss outside and inside
  • Matt velvet outside (Rasied UV option)
  • Matt velvet outside and inside (Rasied UV option)
Finishing: Optional Raised UV on outside
Turnaround: 3-5 business days + delivery via courier.
Delivery can vary depending on the job and delivery address.
Artwork Specs.
Artwork Options:
Option 1: You supply art - print ready = + $0
If you supply art that is to the below requirements.
Using canva? - check out the template and info on next tab!

Option 2: You supply art - not print ready = + $POA
If you supply art that is not to the below requirements, we can convert your art for a minimum charge.
Using canva? - We will need to view your art to quote.

Option 3: Design service - simple = + $36
Basic layout, placement of logo and contact details... no frills.
Brief to be communicated via phone or email, details to be emailed.
Includes 2 design changes.

Option 4: Design service - advanced = + $55
More advanced design with associated graphic and images included.
Includes 2 design changes.

Option 5: Design service - complex = + $88
Complex design with associated graphic and images included. Also includes complex use for print finishing (including out very own ‘lolly wrapper’ design patterns).
Includes 2 design changes.

All design and pre-press services are done inhouse by qualified graphic designers with marketing experience.
We pride ourselves with years of experience with print finishing art and prepress. This is how we can assure the right product is recommended, expectations are met… and how we get repeat business from out clients.
Call us to discuss how our professional design services promote the right image for your business. We offer second to none personalised service with Art Correction from $36 and Design at $88 per hour.
General Art Requirements: Click here for info.
Specific Art Requirements:
  • Bleed: 3mm
  • Safe Area: 5mm within
  • Dark background images require at least 20% contrast or the lighter detail will be lost.
  • Rich Black: C: 60 | M: 50 | Y: 50 | K: 100
Finishing Art Requirements:
  • Page 1: Front print
  • Page 2: Front finishing
  • Page 3: Front sample [recommended showing print and finishing]
  • Page 4: Back print
  • Page 5: Back finishing (if applicapble)
  • Page 6: Back sample (if applicapble) - recommended showing print and finishing
  • Must be vector - please do not send PNG or JPG files. These type of file formats are pixel based and not editable
  • Must be supplied as a seperate page (per option)
  • Set to a 'SPOT colour' named accordingly ie 'Raised UV'
  • Art should not be less than 0.8mm square.
  • The gap inbetween art should be at least 0.8mm.
Presentation Folder Templates.

We do what we can to make life as easy as possible.
Check out our free templates!

Img Specs Template
presentation folder shape Knife #1
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 225 x 319mm
  • Gusset: 5mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #2
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 226 x 310mm
  • Gusset: 0mm
  • Spine: 5mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #3
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 225 x 311mm
  • Gusset: 0mm
  • Spine: 5mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #4
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 219 x 310mm
  • Gusset: none
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #5
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 220 x 320mm
  • Gusset: 5mm
  • Holds cards: 2
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #6
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 219 x 310mm
  • Gusset: 10mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #7
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 220 x 312mm
  • Gusset: 5mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #8
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 226 x 310mm
  • Gusset: none
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #9
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 226 x 310mm
  • Gusset: none
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download
presentation folder shape Knife #01
  • Flat size: TBA
  • Folded size: 226 x 310mm
  • Gusset: 4mm
  • Spine: 10mm
  • Holds cards: 1
Adobe Download

What is Raised UV?

Scodix (also known as Raised UV, digital embossing or high build spot UV) is similar to other print finishing methods such as verco, raised print or thermal print. Scodix is a specialty machine that gives a high gloss transparent film that sits on top of laminate.
The fundamental difference between 3D UV and Spot UV is the height. Spot UV sits flat on top of matt laminate. 3D UV has the height of around 0.05 mm. It needs to be noted that the resolution of Scodix is worse than spot UV as when it raises in height, it can expand.

How will my artwork look when printed with Rasied UV?

It is important to understand that the uv expands as it grows in height. It does not have the same 'resolution' as spot UV. Due to this the minimum art thickness is 0.9mm. The gap inbetween artwork is 0.9mm. Raised UV Presentation Folders are only recommended for certain artworks. Spot UV may be a better alternative for you.
The reason we have been in business so long is we have specialised in presentation folders with print finishing. We provide free consultation to go over your artwork to advise and give our recommendations. We advise of what works and what does not before you make a purchasing commitment.

How thick are Rasied UV presentation-folders?

Our Rasied UV (also known as scodix) presentation folders are professionally offset printed on quality 350 GSM card stock. We believe this is the benchmark thickness if you are after a quality, firm (not flimsy ) folder. This equates to 0.4mm in thickness.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. Usually this relates to card thickness, however this comes down to the card stock density. For example, it is possible to have 450gsm card being thicker than a 600 GSM card. As there is some misconception regarding this, we use a micrometer on all of our products to be able to advise the thickness in millimeters.

What is Vector?

‘Vector’ artwork allows modifying of artwork without compromising it. It also allows scaling it without loss of quality.
Generally vector artwork is within .AI, .SVG, .EPS, .PDF files. You can tell if artwork is vector by zooming in 6,000%. If it pixelates, it is NOT in a vector / editable format.
If it 'redraws' or consists of the same quality, the artwork has been made in a vector fomat.
PNG or JPG are Bitmap files (made from pixels) and are NOT vector / editable.
Photoshop cannot create vector artwork, Illustrator can.

what is vector artwork
You can read more about what vector artwork is here

What size options are available for Rasied UV Presentation-Folders?

The Presentation Folders standard size is 90 x 55mm. We can make the cards any size within 90 x 55mm.

Can we add Raised UV on two sides or add additional print finishing such as Foil or Embossing ?

Short answer = yes. Long answer is not on this specific product. If you require Raised UV on two sides, please get in contact and we will happily advise of the options and provide quick pricing over the phone or via email. It is always best if you can provide sample artwork.

What’s the reason for so many artwork requirements?

Hands down, if you want quality, it starts with quality artwork. Many people do not consider how colour on screen translates to ink on paper. Rich Black is the perfect example. Using too much CMY with K can cause a muddy brown result. This is because there is simply too much ink going onto the card. The different card products we offer use different CMYK values to create the best rich black for the specific card.

Print finishing artwork need to be ‘vector’ / editable. This is because elements need to be modified to ensure a great result. In the instance of foil stamping or embossing, a metal block needs to me made. It is impossible to do this from pixel based artwork. Please do not send PNG or JPG files. These type of file formats are pixel based and not editable. Further details are provided in the ‘artwork’ tab.

How do I supply artwork?

When you submit your PDF, it should contain different pages for each process. For example, page 1 is the front print. The second page is the front finishing (in this case Raised UV). This page needs to use editable / vector artwork. The third page is a ‘sample’. It is not necessarily required but recommended to indicate how the combined Raised UV and front print look. This can also show misalignment of the different pages (if you copy paste correctly).The last page is the back print. More information about this process can be found in the ‘artwork’ tab


We are greatful for the opportunity to have served the following clients


Are you shopping on price or quality and service? We may not the cheapest, but you will be hard pressed getting a better experience… and end result.
We pride ourselves by striving to offer the best value service, this comes down to:

  1. Consultation: Either by phone or email, we ensure that you are selecting the best product based on your artwork and your business. Sometimes a rethink is required and we are happy to assist in offering alternatives. Some businesses benefit by using recycled stocks, others by using sustainable plastics.
  2. Present Options: Based on the consultation, we offer the best options to achieve the best end result based on your deadline and budget.
  3. Pre Press: We check and ensure your artwork will turn out as a great finished product.
  4. Proof Email: We send a PDF proof via email for you to check artworks and specs. This need to be replied with your approval (or requested changes) and your delivery address.
  5. Production: We use state of the art printing presses in factories in Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Cairns | Gold Coast | Ringwood.
  6. Quality Control: All goods are checked before packaging.
  7. Freight: Over the years we have used various postal and courier services. We have learned that If this stage is not up to scratch, the whole job can be let down. This is why we have partnered will TOLL – offering excellent, consistent road and Air freight options.
    Some of the factories will use other couriers depending on the job and delivery post code..

We offer the largest range of standard and specialised stock and print finishing. We offer the convenience of being an ‘all in one’ quality design & print shop.
This being said, we work with many graphic design studios and marketing agencies.
We are trusted as many designers are not experienced with creating artwork for print finishing that will ensure a quality final product.
We are happy to share our knowledge to assist how to achieve the best result.
Our Print Finishing services are available on almost every product:

  • Foil Stamping (15 + colours to choose)
  • Embossing (leaves indentation on back)
  • Debossing (pushes in only one side )
  • Spot UV (transparent gloss over matt laminate)
  • Raised UV (similar to Spot UV , but raised around 0.3mm)
  • Die cutting (Custom shaped or internal gaps)

We have been operating since 2009 – our ultimate goal is to give you the best experience and improve your business image. Call us now on 1300 669 211 to see why clients say what they do. Experience the difference… the difference is experience.

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Quality Best Raised UV Presentation Folder Printing services Brisbane Australia.
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